Can the Growth in Domestic Cleaning Businesses Manifest Into Care for the Elderly?

Full time, long term employment with stable, cash rich employers is a thing of the past in many areas of the country.

Mass redeployment of labour in search of such golden nuggets has exemplified the problem particularly in areas where the last bastions of British industry exist.

With high unemployment, what worse time is there to be facing another financial meltdown and a resulting recession? The general consensus is that we could actually be facing a global depression that only those versed in creating their own wealth will ultimately survive unscathed.

Over the past few years, Briton has seen growth in two main areas. Surprisingly with all of the well publicised banking problems, financial services in general continues to flourish. The second area for growth has been with certain private sectors of the service industry.

Of particular note is the increase in domestic cleaning and private care for all segments of society.

Therefore, as mass employment becomes a distant memory to most, the rise of the self-employed business owner and in particular, the self-employed cleaner, is gaining momentum.

Professionals are finding that instead of their working hours decreasing, they are actually working longer to manage their load. This had led to a potential ‘burnout’ syndrome where returning home each evening, the very last thing that any employee wants to face after devouring a TV meal is to concentrate on their cleaning. Many now find it more practical and cost effective to have a domestic cleaner employed to do the tasks that they ultimately find have little priority in their lives.

Furthermore, the mass scaling back of social care for the elderly and those with a disability has left a vacuum of providers in this field. Some domestic cleaning companies are now allowing their cleaners to offer low-level support such as shopping, pet walking and to undertake small maintenance jobs as part of the service.

Specialist domestic cleaning businesses offer support to busy professionals, the elderly, the disabled and clients with a greater need of social attention. A domestic cleaner can be an important lifeline when that little piece of extra help is needed. Home help for the elderly has also become a hot political topic particularly in light of well publicised cases where care has been significant by its absence

For some it is a very easy choice to employ a domestic cleaner whereas others feel the need to justify the help and to an extent, the expense. The simple question is ‘how much value do you place on your time?’ If you cannot put a value on your time, then it must be worth a lot more to you than first imagined. Therefore value is less important and the question becomes ‘what can I do with the time I have just inherited?’ If you are mobility impaired, the question does not even exist. Help is a necessity and any assistance both around and outside of the home is a welcome treat.

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